Who We Are

A company committed to the energy transition

We are a Norwegian, independent energy company with the mind and heart of a start-up. We support the Paris Agreement and its ultimate ambitions, and will be part of a carbon neutral future. Our main strategy is to grow organically and gradually develop new Assets and value chains that individually create value and that will realize our goal of carbon neutrality. To enable such an important achievement we will fuel our company with innovative people with cutting edge competence. Horisont Energi will be in the midst of the energy transition.

We are the innovative energy company you have been waiting for.


Horisont Energi has an experienced and accomplished management team with a unique track record from the oil and gas industry. Within the team there is experience from successful execution of projects comparable to the ones Horisont Energi is embarking on.


CEO, Founder and Board Member

Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen

Bjørgulf has a broad experience in the upstream energy business, from upstream, to midstream and downstream. In most of his previous roles he has developed projects from scratch, within commercial-, project- and technology business units. This has created a trail of exciting deliveries and a passion for this kind of work. Finally, what sets him apart is the combination of leadership skills, technology and project expertise and energy business knowledge.



Horisont Energi is a modern, knowledge-based company. We believe in sustainable business models for the energy industry, and that the time to really focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is now. Our values reflect our thinking about society and people. We will create an organisation of likeminded peers that inspire, support and drive each other to become better every day. We firmly believe that this is the foundation from which great things can be achieved.

Our core values are:

  • A trust-based culture where people’s development is focused every day

  • A place where innovation and results are key

  • A company whose activities shall contribute to a better climate

  • A company where our activities shall be safe for people and the environment

  • A company with high ethical standards for ourselves and our suppliers

  • A company that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals


HSE Culture

Executive summary of our HSE Culture

Horisont Energi wishes to establish and develop an HSE culture supported by our Core Values where Openness, Trust, Fairness, and Respect are inherent.

We believe in the following:

  • Forward looking HSE improvement

  • We care

  • Knowledge based and holistic understanding

  • Technology and innovation

  • Sure before we proceed

Read our full HSE Culture here (link).


Postal and visitor address

Grenseveien 21, 4313 Stavanger

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