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Horisont Energi has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding together with Equinor for the development of a full scale, carbon neutral, “blue” ammonia production plant. An investment decision will depend upon sufficient profitability for the project.

The project is named “Barents Blue” and will be the first of its kind as a full-scale carbon neutral ammonia production plant. For this project it is the intention to place the production plant in Finnmark, which is the Northernmost county in Norway. As part of this production plant, additional carbon sequestration capacity is brought about on the Norwegian continental shelf. The offshore carbon storage facility has been given the name “Polaris” from the star “Stella polaris”, traditionally used in navigation. The development of the sequestration facilities is concurrent with that of the rest of the plant and its associated infrastructure.

“We in Horisont Energi are satisfied with our partnership with one of the strongest industrial operators in Norway on our journey towards an emission free hydrogen plant. Projects such as this are important in Norway’s transition to become a hydrogen society”

Bjørgulf Haukelidsæther Eidesen, CEO

Ammonia is a hydrogen rich gas, which may be produced from natural gas and it is made “blue” through the carbon capture and storage of the CO2 originating from this process. As an energy carrier, ammonia has a potential to become an emission free fuel for the shipping industry. It is expected that the maturation work carried out during the MoU with Equinor will establish the feasibility of the project.