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Carbon Neutral Energy

Horisont Energi will supply green natural gas products meeting the climate targets of the Paris Agreement, supporting the energy transition and providing an option for energy customers that want a climate friendly alternative. Horisont Energi believes green product alternatives are the fastest way to decarbonise several of todays industries.

Carbon Transport & Storage

We will provide carbon transport and storage as a service to the European industry. Horisont Energi is currently evaluating many different carbon capture, transport and storage (CCS) services to be provided to the market. Horiont Energi will mainly focus on efficient carbon transport and storage provided at competitive prices, and are prepared to cooperate with customers having both new development plans where CCS is an enabler and customers with existing plants wanting to reduce their emissions.


The role of CCS and

the carbon debt of the world


Negative emission technologies are key

In order to achieve the target of 1.5 degree or maximum 2 degree increase in global average temperature carbon, capture and storage (CCS) plays a crucial role. All efforts to limit global warming are needed. This includes converting our power systems to be fuelled by new, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency measures, smart grids, circular economy solutions, new vale chains and product alternatives for all industries and more. However, there are measures that the world cannot do without if we are to manage and mitigate global warming. These are the negative emission technologies (NET). If the world is bringing the carbon emissions to a complete halt and all future emissions are avoided, there is still a carbon debt to pay. The role of the negative emission technologies is to enable deposits towards this debt. Carbon storages around the world will be the long-term bank accounts where these deposits can be made. From the perspective of Horisont Energi we see many promising technologies within the NET area. These are all fundamentally the same, that is to capture carbon dioxide from air. This is done in many ways such as by direct air (carbon) capture and storage (DACCS) or bio energy CCS (BECCS). Capturing carbon dioxide from bioenergy plants is a key pathway to negative emissions, and EU is focusing on developing renewable bioenergy power. This is a key enabler for large-scale BECCS in Europe and hence a long-term negative emissions solution. Horisont Energi want to cooperate with developers and users of NET both within the DAC segment and BECCS segment. Together with our strategic partners we have efficient and scalable solutions for transporting and storing carbon in subsurface storages at competitive prices. In combination with the NET developers and users we can develop efficient value chains where negative emissions are deposited and start to pay the carbon debt of the world.


The future carbon free grid and the role of CCS


The future carbon free grid and the role of CCS

When designing the future carbon free electricity grid there is a need for three kinds of primary energy types. First off is the firm low carbon resources that reliably provides the base load energy on demand, day in and day out, and sustains this for weeks and months. Second is the variable energy sources like wind and sun, which provides energy dependent upon weather and season, day or night. Third is the fast burst energy provided from batteries of different kinds and sizes, virtual or physical. For all three kinds of primary energy types there is need for a certain capacity to balance the grid. Both to complement wind and solar and provide the energy we need, when we need it throughout the year’s energy demand cycles. The future promises a growing need for low carbon energy, because the future is electric. But this future also poses an important question. How shall the supply of firm low carbon energy at an affordable cost be ensured? Hydropower, geothermal power, nuclear and renewable bio-mass energy will all be important parts of the firm low carbon energy suite. However, there is a need for additional firm low carbon power in order to replace the fossil sources. Through carbon capture, transport and storage low carbon hydrogen may be produced from natural gas, providing firm low carbon power to the carbon free grid. The future carbon free grid needs the full suite of low carbon energy resources to meet the demand for electricity both affordably and reliably. And in this, CCS plays an important role.


Our Policies


ESG Policy

Executive Summary of our ESG policy

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy defines us as a company beset on sustainability and responsibility concerning the future of our societies, communities and environment. Our ESG policy is summarised into the following five points:

  • Highly committed towards promoting sound principles for the protection of the environment, social responsibility and proper governance practices (ESG principles) in our business conduct

  • We seek to minimise environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable energy future

  • All business conducts and related activities must uphold respect for internationally recognised human rights principles

  • We acknowledge the importance of good corporate governance in connection with our business

  • We will conduct our activities and affairs in compliance with the ESG policy, and ESG issues will be incorporated into our decision-making processes

Read our full ESG Policy here (link).

Code of Conduct

Executive Summary of our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

  • The Code is fundamental to our business conduct and lets us operate sustainably

  • We respect communities, people and human rights, and act with integrity

  • We promote fair competition and do not tolerate corruption

  • We act within applicable laws, strive for accuracy in our records and avoid conflicts of interest

  • Dilemmas of ethical nature shall be openly discussed and collectively learned from

  • We expect the same ethical standards from our suppliers and partners as from ourselves

  • We speak with integrity against suspected breaches of our Code

Read our full Code of Conduct here (link).

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