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Development of hydrogen technology and markets is a priority in several countries in Europe. As a result, a so-called IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) is being established to accelerate this development. Norway has joined the IPCEI initiative for hydrogen, and Enova manages the Norwegian participation. Norwegian participation in IPCEI for hydrogen means that owners of hydrogen projects in Norway can link their project to other projects and value chains in Norway and in the EU and benefit from possible knowledge transfer, market size and other economies of scale. Although IPCEI projects are European projects, the process starts nationally, and national funds are used in each country. Horisont Energi sent an expression of interest 1 February 2021 in order for the Barents Blue project in Finnmark to be considered as a Norwegian candidate project for IPCEI Hydrogen. The Barents Blue project is a world-scale clean ammonia project with a planned CO2 storage offshore Finnmark. Expression of Interest is non-binding on the part of the interested parties, and Enova does not grant aid to projects through this call. As part of the further process, the highest-ranked projects after the evaluation process will be invited to so-called “matchmaking” to connect to IPCEI projects from other countries. State aid for Norwegian IPCEI projects will be granted under Enova’s existing mandate and financial limits. IPCEI projects thus compete for funding with other projects that involve new climate technologies. According to the preliminary schedule matchmaking will occur in February / March 2021. Assessment of aid from Enova will be done after the matchmaking process. Completion of the process in Norway is expected in Q2 2021, and then moving into the European IPCEI Hydrogen process, with earliest start of the IPCEI Hydrogen project in 2022.

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