The Hydrogen Society

Hydrogen Society – With a team of 11 people with more than 300 years’ of experience, mainly from the oil and gas industry. Our task is to use our technical skills and qualifications to bridge the gap between the fossil fuel industry to the new carbon neutral future.

The future of our children
The Society we live in
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Briding the gap between fossil fuel and carbon neutral energy

What we offer

At Horisont Energi, we have developed a cutting edge technology for large scale production of hydrogen and ammonia. In addition, we have developed a cost-efficient technical solution to transport and store CO2 offshore.

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We are equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative ideas, both passion and heart to make the hydrogen cociety happen.

Testimonals: Measurable results are the name of the game

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Kronprins HåkonCCS Fan

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Jarl Frijs-MadsenDanish Ambassador

Zero carbon value creation at Scale

At Horisont Energy our outstanding team is ensuring a bright future for our beautiful planet.