Today it is one year since Horisont Energi was established.

This was duly celebrated in the offices with cakes and coffee and a walk along the one year long memory lane. Much has happened since the early days. The company has grown to a total of 11 employees, and have completed the first phase of the organisational development. In addition, the company is engaged in cooperation with several companies both nationally and abroad.

There are also other positive news to be festive about these days, such as a grant from Innovasjon Norge to perform a CCS project focused on key legal and commercial matters that need to be solved in order to commercialise BECCS at scale. Another positive development is the offering of a loan from Innovasjon Norge enabling Horisont Energi to perform a 3 million NOK CCS project focused on subsurface storage and CO2 injection. Stay put to be updated on further developments on Horisont Energi!