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Horisont Energi was invited by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, to contribute to a joint discussion on innovation and new sustainable business development on 19. February.

The CEO of Horisont Energi, Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter, together with representatives from four other companies from Rogaland County had the opportunity to present at the meeting. Bjørgulf described the evolution of Horisont Energi, and how support from Innovation Norway at key junctions in the development of the company had helped contribute to its growth. Furthermore, Bjørgulf provided Mrs. Solberg with a short introduction to the Barents Blue project, which is set to be the first large-scale carbon-neutral ammonia project in Europe, and among the first in the world. The project will produce 1 million tons of blue ammonia per year via reforming of natural gas into hydrogen and CO2, coupled with carbon storage.

After the company presentations, the participants were given the chance to provide input to the Prime Minister. Bjørgulf lent his perspective and provided advice on how to make sustainable start-ups succeed.

We thank the Prime Minister and her Office for the given occasion to contribute, and we thank the other participants for great presentations and a good discussion.