Carbon Storage

Providing cost leading carbon storage for your business needs.

Horisont Energi is the first pure carbon storage company offshore Norway

We are developing carbon storages through the use of our cutting-edge carbontech, providing cost leading carbon storage for your business needs. At stunningly low carbon storage costs, your carbon storage needs are met. Please be in touch to reserve capacity in one of our carbon storages under evaluation today.

Our first Carbon Storages in progress towards development


Polaris is our first carbon storage where the storage system is located at the seabed in several hundred meters water depth, completely submerged in the deep blue sea.

  • Estimated storage capacity: In excess of 100 million tons
  • Storage capacity reserved: 36 million tons 
  • Estimated available capacity: Above 74 million tons 

Did you know?

CO2 is commonly stored in a super-critical state in the subsurface geological reservoir. In this state it has some favourable gas-like properties but liquid-like densities increasing the storage capacity”

Ronald MaritvoldHead Of Reservoir Engineering And Petrophysics

After injection the CO2 is trapped in structures beneath impermeable layers, but also immobilized by capillary effects, dissolution in the aquifer and by reaction with the minerals in the water over time.”

Emilie Ryen JomarkReservoir Engineer

The injection and CO2 movement inside the reservoir is monitored through rigorous surveillance programs.

Morten SolaHead Of Geology & Geophysics

The carbon market, now and in the future 

The carbon market is the new emerging  trillion dollar market, whether it is within carbon storage or carbon utilisation. Within this market space you find both negative emissions and green fuels, potentially trillion dollar markets on their own. Horisont Energi will develop and scale carbon value chains where we can monetise both carbon storage and carbon utilisation. With a unique, patented carbon storage value chain we will be the cost-winner in this market

As Europe is redesigning its legislation and committing substantial funds to convert the current fossil economy into a  new low carbon hydrogen economy, the carbon economy is mirroring this development and playing a key role in the transitional phase and later in the fully transformed green economy. During the transitional phase industries will be decarbonised by capturing, recycling, storing and putting carbon to new uses, creating values from carbon value chains both for the industry and for society

Carbon will be a key raw material in the fully transformed green economy. It will be used in the production of more and more of our products and will be recycled and reused over and over. Sustainable carbon captured from renewable sources and waste will be used to offset carbon footprints and create zero carbon products. Through the symbiosis of the hydrogen and the carbon economy the world can accelerate the transition to a sustainable future whilst creating new businesses and new products.