Blue Ammonia

Decarbonise your business with our carbon free Blue Ammonia today!

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Our Blue Ammonia is completely cleaned by environmentally friendly carbon capture technologies that goes hand in hand with the local community and wild life.

“Did you know? Blue Ammonia contains 17.65 wt% hydrogen, and is the most effective, non-carbon based, commercially available hydrogen carrier.”

The global hydrogen highway!

Clean hydrogen is key to a sustainable energy future. Transporting hydrogen safely and effectively will be an important part of our society, and will require new infrastructure.

As such, in the future hydrogen society the different regions around the world will be populated with hydrogen grids transporting hydrogen to the end users when needed. There will be smallscale hydrogen production sites connected to the hydrogen grids, and there will be largescale hydrogen production sites where clean hydrogen is upgraded to ammonia, packing the hydrogen molecules in the best known hydrogen carrier around.

Ammonia is easy to transport in large quantities and exist in liquid phase at atmospheric pressure and -33 degrees Celsius or at room temperature and 10 barg pressureHydrogen is more expensive and less effective to transport directly, being in liquid phase at atmospheric pressure and about -250 degrees Celsius. Hence, ammonia is the simplest and most effective medium for the transport of clean hydrogen.

There already exist a fleet of vessels transporting 20 million tonnes of ammonia around the globe annually. Building upon the existing fleet and the ammonia infrastructureammonia can become the global hydrogen highway. Ammonia can be cracked back to hydrogen at the destination, and the hydrogen can be injected into the regional grid. Or the ammonia can be used directly for electricity production or serve as a central energy storage for the hydrogen grid, providing a solid back-up during low wind periods or during the darker wintertime. From such a storage ammonia may either be cracked into hydrogen or used directly as fuel. In one cubic meter of clean ammonia there is 4.02 MWh of carbon-free energy (LHV), which is more than 70% more energy than that of liquid hydrogen making such ammonia a true highway for the hydrogen future.