Made in Norway

A company committed to the energy transition

Horisont Energi is a Norwegian, independent energy company with the mind and heart of a start-up. We support the Paris Agreement and its ultimate ambitions, and will be part of a carbon neutral future.

With a strong team, solid partners and cutting edge carbontech, we’re able to generate zero carbon value creation from our world scale blue hydrogen, blue ammonia and carbon storages.

​We are the innovative energy company you have been waiting for.

HSEQ Policy

The people in Horisont Energi are committed ensuring the health and safety of all who work with us, protecting the environment in which we work, and to deliver top performance within health, safety and environment across all our activities and licenses. We also insist that all contractors maintain the same high standards.

A high-quality standard will be a fundament for delivering top quartile HSE performance. We believe that the success of our company depends on focusing on the health and safety of people and protection of the environment and assets and live the ALARP principles for risk mitigations.

We will conduct risk assessments of the activities and put barriers in place to reduce the risk leading to undesired events.

We will work to reduce the environmental footprint in all operations.

All employees in the company shall ensure that HSEQ is an integrated part of their responsibilities. All working for the company must be familiar with relevant HSEQ requirements.

Our Mission

Accelerating the energy transition to carbon neutrality through pioneering projects. 

Our mission is to apply innovation and new technology to produce clean energy at scale and deliver carbon storage services to the market – bridging the gap to a carbon neutral future.

Our values

Our Values are key to our business conduct and our company culture. It is how we want our company to be and what impact we want our business to have on the world and on society.


Innovation and results are central to all that we do.


• We have high ethical standards for ourselves and our suppliers.
• Integrity and transparency are core principles for our business conduct.


• Our activities shall be safe for people and the environment, and shall contribute to a better climate.
• We support the UN Sustainability Development Goals.


• A trust-based culture where we care about development of people.
• An organisation focused on diversity and equality.